Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sitting here at a flying J in Amarillo Texas today,
Made it here with no problems.
Melinda & Tucker having a rest.
Yesterday was totally different....
got up no rush to go anywhere fast.
Started on out trip to Tulsa Oklahoma schedule was about a 4 hour drive and
with about 100 miles to go.... GPS took us down a road, sign said 420
but was actually an old highway called 88 (Moonshine roads),
Old shacks, one lane roads said flying J was about 2 km away.
Took us on a dead end road & had to back up trailer... with no problems I might add.
Found the old highway route 66, drove on that for about 25 miles until we found a major highway.
Neat to be driving on a Historic Highway and seeing old signs and buildings.
Never did find Flying J so we fueled up and drove to Oklahoma City, 11 hours total driving time.
When we found the Flying J at at about 830 pm had a beer and went to sleep !
broke a lot of rules I set for myself.
1.No driving with trailer during rush hour traffic (Tulsa)
2.No driving at night (Oklahoma City)
3.No swearing when driving... Ok owe swear jar a lot of money !!!
4.No backing up trailer on dead end street... Ok made this one up!
Thankfully I had Melinda to help me on this adventure and this is only 2 weeks into it.
God help us!!!
On our way to Hidden Valley ROD resort (Tijeras New Mexico) tomorrow for 4 nights.
Talk to you later.


  1. Wow you are learning, at least you are safer. Take you time and don't break the rules, short days a re better. Hope Hidden Valley is warm when you there, pretty high elevation. But Albuquerque is interesting and much lower, worth checking out.

  2. Don't lose your sense of humour, Gerry.
    When do you get to empty out the swear jar...? ;)