Monday, February 20, 2017

Driving to Florida

Where we are today

Hello everyone !
Left Tombstone Sun.Feb.11 heading to Florida to surprise Melinda's mom for her birthday
Half way there we were informed Melinda's mom took sick and had to go to the hospital.
She had an infection(blockage) in her stomach and had to spend a few days in there.
Donna  got out on Friday and we arrived on Saturday and surprised her at home.
She is on medication and is doing better.
The four of us had steak dinner and bunt cake to celebrate her birthday.
Then Pat & Bob came over to wish Donna a happy birthday
We are here for two weeks and then heading up the east coast heading towards home.
The weather slight rain yesterday but beautiful today, rain maybe Wed.or Thursday nice the rest of the time.
So here are some pictures from Arizona to Florida
Talk to you later !

Mountain Climbing

Tunnel near Mobile,Alabama

Florida Travel Center

Acn Resort in Madison ,Florida

Mom & Melinda

Bob & Pat

Jim cutting cake


Saturday, February 11, 2017

More Pics from Tombstone,Arizona

Where we are today

Went to Big Nose Kate Saloon yesterday
and bellied up to the bar for a drink and some grub (cowboy talk)
slow when we went in but within 10 minutes the place was packed.
Had our picture taken today bought some t-shirts.
Hope you enjoy the pictures !

Talk to you later !



Where we are today

Monday we had to say goodbye to Rick & Kathy as they headed to new adventures in and around Holtville,California. We had a great time meeting for Happy hours and even went out for dinner once.

As we also left Quartzsite,Arizona Thursday morning heading for Tombstone,Arizona,
weather was very sunny and warming up nicely, it was a perfect day for a drive.
Arrived at Tombstone Rv Park about a 1/2 mile from the town of Tombstone around 2:30.

Dog Park

Very nice park with the whole lot paved in fine crushed stone,checked in and staff
drives you to your lot and makes sure everything is fine before they leave you.
Took our time setting up as the temperature climbed into the 80's,
when finished sat down for a cold one.


Today we went into Tombstone and saw the site where the gun fight at OK Corral was,
Big Nose Kate Saloon and of course we had to belly up to the bar for a
drink and some grub (cowboy talk).

Seen quite a lot of interesting places,lots of history going back tomorrow, more pictures to follow

Talk to you later !


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Rock Glen (West Group) Going our Separate Ways

Where we are today

The Rock Glen West bunch all heading in different directions.
Last week week Rob & Pat left the group at Quartzsite to travel down to and around Yuma for the next few weeks before starting to head home.

Yesterday Bill & Patsy went ("on our way") to California to ("chill" out)

Today George & Suzie left us for some more ('awesome travels") heading for camping near a place
called Borrego Springs in California.

And our new friends Mike & Dee left also ("going rving") where they will be ending up in the next few weeks at Emerald Cove in Parker,Arizona.

But the day wasn't all sad, got some things done around the trailer like replacing the sewer pull handle that had broke last week. Also hand washed the trailer, repacked the truck, went into town to pick up supplies and even changed into some shorts, it was even too hot for me.
And the temperature is suppose to keep climbing for the next couple of weeks.
Before you knew it Happy Hour was here and our friends
Rick & Cathy came over ("it's about time")for a couple of hours, where we solved most of the worlds problem and talked about travels we have experienced very nice time.
Then had Hamburgers for supper.

Talk to you later ! 


Saturday, January 28, 2017

Quartzsite Q Mountain Day !

Where we are today

Bill,Patsy,Melinda and I made a decision  to conquer something today,
So we decided to take on a small mountain in Quartzsite Arizona.
Q mountain it is called,
It looks small from a distance but not so small up close about 150 to 200 ft up.
We park the truck close to the start of the hill and began our hiking climb,
the first 80 feet seemed simple but rocky and almost killed us we were all huffing &
puffing at the first plateau.Stopping long enough to take some pictures, drink some water,rest and
then continue with the rest of our climb.
The rest of the way seemed a lot easier till we reached the top.
What a great view of the whole area !

Q Mountain

Bill & Patsy Hiking

Melinda & I half way up

Finally conquering the mountain

What a view of the whole area

On top of the world

I think this is a old mine off to the side of the mountain

We then went to Carl Jr for lunch.
One of the best burgers ever
Then did some driving around downtown and came back and relaxed with happy hour and supper.

Talk to you later !