Thursday, December 15, 2016

Shopping in Quartzsite

Where we are today

Cool and cloudy today !
First time I've seen this many clouds in this area.

Melinda & I went into Quartzsite yesterday and bought both of us 
cowboy hats, How do we look?

We also stopped by a car lot with a lot of antique cars,which included my dream car
Starsky & Hutch's 
Grand Torino
Do you think I should get it  ???
As we were leaving Melinda spotted her car 
a 65 or 66 Ford Mustang.
Lots of things for sale here 
cars, trucks,rv's, even a helicopter and planes.
different kind of lot.

Around 3 pm we went to our neighbors Bill & Patsy's for happy hour
George and Suzie stopped in also.

Had a good time then went home for a quite dinner
 and TV time.

Going to Blyth today going to check on getting internet for Melinda
she is missing her Facebook time and Pinterest.

Talk to you later !



  1. Nice hats now you are getting into the desert mode.
    Lots to see and do in town, enjoy.

  2. Love the hats! I'm so surprised Bill hasn't stopped at that car lot yet, we've driven by many times and he always comments. Good luck with the Verizon, gotta keep Melinda happy! :)

    1. Bill doesn't want to shop there
      No real big trucks there
      We'll go shopping later

  3. Nice looking Hats, they'll help you to fit in with the locals.
    Heck if we'd know you were going to Blythe you could have ridden with us.
    Hope you have better luck with Verizon than we seem to have.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks for the offer of a ride
      But had to stand for about 2 hours yesterday while I got Verizon finished
      Had to go back today for a cliche on my phone number

  4. Crikey ..... you blokes are changing colour. That's quite a tan you are both sporting, aye?? Nice hats!!