Friday, December 9, 2016

Where we are today

Still in Quartzsite Arizona until Monday than moving down near Yuma Arizona.
A little more sun and warmer there, Temps around 75 degrees daily.
just laying back doing nothing but that what retirement is all about.
 Happy hour yesterday with some friends,(George,Suzie,Bill,Patsy,Barbara and of course Melinda).

                             Bill brought out his drone helicopter and took pictures of all of us from above.
                                                        (I would sure like one for Christmas 😊)

        Than we all sat around for some drinks and chatted for a couple of hours.
I am learning a lot about blogging from all these people.

Took some pictures of the night sky as it changes by the minute.
So beautiful... and every night is totally different !

Talk to you later !



  1. Blog is looking good Gerry, glad you have things working a bit better now.

  2. Another good post......oh wait, that is being too kind, something you're not expecting from me!! :)

  3. Crikey ..... I love all the pictures on your site. Those desert skies sure are beautiful. AND look at you all lined up together for a photo shoot. You're a fit looking lot, aye? Are you sure you're all old enough to be retired. Fair dinkum .... I reckon you'd have a few more good working years in you yet ... love, Charlie.

  4. Looks like you are slowly getting used to the Fulltime Lifestyle. George and Suzie are full of information that will help you along. Next time we are over we'll stop and introduce ourselves.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    Rick and Kathy Rousseau

    It's about time.

  5. Hey Gerry, always nice to find another Ontario blogger. How do I go about following your blog?