Monday, January 9, 2017

Happy New Years

Where we are today

Well I hope everyone had a great New Years,
Sorry, this is my first blog of the new year.
Between moving around and limited internet usage I've missed a few days.
We had a great New Years eve at Pilot Knob with friends and Karaoke singing (Not me !)

While in Pilot Knob we visited a Swap Meet, it's like a big fair ground of a flea market.

We then had an awesome day in Mexico with this crazy bunch.

Rob & Pat

Bill & Patsy

And of course always enjoying happy hours !

Pool and Hot Tub at Pilot Knob

Seen a double rainbow
As we were all getting ready to pack up to head to Holtville,Ca.
We saw a car fire on highway 8 right next to Pilot Knob.

We tailed George and Suzie again.
Arrived at Holtville,Ca,
Dry camping at it's best !
 There are 2 spa pools of  hot spring water.
Melinda finally got in and really enjoyed it.

Some pictures of the little Oasis by the hot spring tubs. 

Melinda enjoying the hot springs

Tailgating George and Suzie again !
Heading back to Quartzsite.

Melinda and I playing Lawn Yahtzee after we got set up at La posa South
in Quartzsite.
Another beautiful sunset
Well everybody that should sum it up.
Thanks to George Yates for some of the pictures from his blog.

Talk to you later !



  1. Glad to see you've been enjoying this Dry Camping that we all came South to enjoy.
    We're just South of you about 500 feet flying the long Windsock.
    Having a Campfire Tuesday night before we leave. Come over and visit after supper.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!
    Rick and Kathy

    It's about time.

  2. You having too much fun there in the desert, hope to get back soon from the great white north.