Saturday, January 28, 2017

Quartzsite Q Mountain Day !

Where we are today

Bill,Patsy,Melinda and I made a decision  to conquer something today,
So we decided to take on a small mountain in Quartzsite Arizona.
Q mountain it is called,
It looks small from a distance but not so small up close about 150 to 200 ft up.
We park the truck close to the start of the hill and began our hiking climb,
the first 80 feet seemed simple but rocky and almost killed us we were all huffing &
puffing at the first plateau.Stopping long enough to take some pictures, drink some water,rest and
then continue with the rest of our climb.
The rest of the way seemed a lot easier till we reached the top.
What a great view of the whole area !

Q Mountain

Bill & Patsy Hiking

Melinda & I half way up

Finally conquering the mountain

What a view of the whole area

On top of the world

I think this is a old mine off to the side of the mountain

We then went to Carl Jr for lunch.
One of the best burgers ever
Then did some driving around downtown and came back and relaxed with happy hour and supper.

Talk to you later !


  1. Glad you had the chance to do and see what many only wish they could. The view from your pictures looks great.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Nice to see that you made the climb, I did it last year and the views were amazing.

  3. Thanks for conquering the mountain with us! We had a great time, now that we know we survived!! :) Mount Everest next year, you say?

  4. Great photos. Thanks for posting. I finally got to open the pics.