Thursday, February 2, 2017

Rock Glen (West Group) Going our Separate Ways

Where we are today

The Rock Glen West bunch all heading in different directions.
Last week week Rob & Pat left the group at Quartzsite to travel down to and around Yuma for the next few weeks before starting to head home.

Yesterday Bill & Patsy went ("on our way") to California to ("chill" out)

Today George & Suzie left us for some more ('awesome travels") heading for camping near a place
called Borrego Springs in California.

And our new friends Mike & Dee left also ("going rving") where they will be ending up in the next few weeks at Emerald Cove in Parker,Arizona.

But the day wasn't all sad, got some things done around the trailer like replacing the sewer pull handle that had broke last week. Also hand washed the trailer, repacked the truck, went into town to pick up supplies and even changed into some shorts, it was even too hot for me.
And the temperature is suppose to keep climbing for the next couple of weeks.
Before you knew it Happy Hour was here and our friends
Rick & Cathy came over ("it's about time")for a couple of hours, where we solved most of the worlds problem and talked about travels we have experienced very nice time.
Then had Hamburgers for supper.

Talk to you later ! 



  1. That is the beauty of this lifestyle, we can pack up our house and move on down the road. Enjoy the rest of your stay there and some new places and new faces. It is about the journey and new scenery along the way. Travel safe and even enjoy the heat.

  2. Yes we have gone separate ways for awhile, sure enjoyed our time together and look forward to the next. Take care and travel safe.

  3. Good things come to an end, but there are always new good things around the corner. It was lovely meeting the Rock Glen group and we even became honorary groupies ourselves. We are in a really nice park in Salome and are soaking up the sun. The pool and hot tub here are awesome! It has been too long without warm days.

    Mike and Dee (

  4. The warmer temperatures have been greatly missed and we won't complain about the heat until this summer.
    It was fun enjoying Happy Hour together and getting to know one another better.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Never never never do I complain about heat, anywhere. I love it too much! You are quite the poet, Gerry, gave me a chuckle. We KNOW we'll bump into you again somewhere!