Sunday, November 27, 2016

Changing our trip on the fly

Arrived at Winslow Arizona today about 230pm
High winds all the way from Tijeras,NM to here...
but the sights of the mountains were so beautiful.
truck struggled on the slope of the mountains but got behind a A class motorhome
and ran better with the wind not directly hitting us.
Mountains near winslow Az.

More mountains

this is call City in the sky

Melinda & Tucker entering Arizona

Changing of plans for tomorrow leaving from here at about 630am
and going to Quartzsite Az.... we are tired of all the driving going to take a break
and dry camp in the desert for a few weeks and see some friends.
Might be out of wifi area for awhile.
Will post when able.


  1. G'day Gerry and Melinda ..... I just popped over from George and Suzie's blog. They told me to come visit you so here I am. I'm mighty jealous of all the attention Suzie gives your Tucker. I kinda thought Suzie was my sheila but she sure seems mighty taken with your Tucker. I love your photos. My Mum loves that desert country. It's nice to make your acquaintance.