Thursday, December 1, 2016

Left Winslow Az.on Monday morning beautiful sunny day got to Flagstaff Az altitude of 7000 ft.
Ran into snow storm coming down the mountain side with a grade of 7%,pure icy roads all the way down cars,trucks and even transport truck in the ditches.
Hands were sore from gripping steering wheel so tight !!!
Speed going down was about 30 mph when it should be 75 mph.
Made it to Quartzsite Az.around 2 pm,what a difference in the weather.
About 65-70 degrees daily
Met up with George and Susie Yates and they are snowing us all the ropes about dry camping.So quite and peaceful,we are loving it,I could do this for 6 months a year.
Quartzsite population is about 15,000 most of the year,but when they have their Rv show in Jan.
there is about 400,000 people here for over a couple of weeks.
Morning at Winslow Az.

Travelling to Flagstaff

Snow starting to fall near Flagstaff

Coming down mountain side black ice everywhere 

what the hell did we get our selves into

At Quartzsite Az. meeting with Susie and George

Finely relaxing at campsite

Beautiful sunsets

Sunset different every night

Talk to you later


  1. Nice that you made it here safely and are enjoying this mild sunny weather.
    Enjoy the solitude much better than back home.

  2. Crikey ..... Suzy sure gave you a nice welcome, aye, Tucker?? Watch it mate ...... I'm a bit jealous!!! I know you probably didn't enjoy that snow near Flagstaff very much but Mum and I sure did. We don't EVER see snow here and those pictures were so pretty. We'd both like to see snow like that in the real. Have a good time with George and Suzie. Don't eat too much. That George sure knows his way around a barbecue.

    1. Glad you stopped by Charlie, if you can't be here we will enjoy spending time with Tucker. And try to get him more exercise.

    2. Nice to meet you... still learning how to blog,will slowly get better.
      thanks for the comments
      Talk to you later.