Thursday, November 17, 2016

Left Sunday morning at about 730am on our first of many adventures
from the comfort of our home at Rock Glen Family Resort.
Leaving Rock Glen

Tucker was very good on the long drives so far!

1st stop was a State park in Anderson Indiana.
Called Mounds State Park
Beautiful park paved sites, 5 trails that never end

We walked around abit to check everything out

Took Tucker for a long walk on 2 of those trails,
 he was so tired when we got home.
Stayed for 2 nights enjoyed a campfire and just relaxing.


Sun set

Small plane airport just behind our site

After leaving the State Park in Indiana, we headed towards St.Louis,Mo
where you could see the Gateway Arch of St.Louis.

More to follow !

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  1. Looks like you moving right along and enjoying some new places...
    Nice to see you doing the blog and keeping Tucker busy.