Friday, November 18, 2016

Lost valley lake resort

Arrived at an ROD park called Lost Valley Lake Resort about 75 miles west of St.Louis on Tuesday afternoon. Beautiful park about 500 acres,
Everything you could want Condos,Villas,Rv sites,Outdoor/Indoor swimming pools,Boat launch areas, swimming areas,Indoor mini golf, Basketball courts,Horseback riding,frisbee golf area, dog park and even a indoor movie theatre where you can pick from over a thousand movies and when you would like to see it.
Lots of walking trails,Tucker's in heaven both Melinda & him are getting lots of exercise in walking this park.
He seen his first horse on Weds.growled a bit until all horse came out then knew he was out numbered and became quiet and just watched them.
Staying here until Tuesday then back on the road.
Entrance to Lost Valley

Newly built Lodge


View from one of the camp sites


               Boat launching area  

Tucker watching first horse

Water slide right in the Lake

Video Arcade area

Mini golf

More pictures to follow !

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  1. That is an amazing resort, glad you are enjoying it, nothing quite like it.
    Nice to be able to get out and out, lotsa walking is good.